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Charlotta's diary #5

HAWAII - One of my best experiences

Sunshine, warm weather, pretty beaches, enjoying the Aloha spirit, surfing at one of the best places in the world, snorkeling, eating local food, getting to know new cultures and making new friends from all over the world - all in one trip!
How did it come that I went to Hawaii?
I went with the organization BELO USA (Belousa), which is only for exchange students who are in the USA. They offer trips to Hawaii, New York, the East or West Coast.
I flew from Portland, Oregon, alone to Honolulu, Hawaii, where staff from Belousa waited to pick me and other students up. We went to our hotel and on our way I saw the green hills and palms of Hawaii for the first time. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't how I thought it would be. But that changed. On this day I got to know 80 other exchange students from all over the world who were going to spend one week with me and experience Hawaii. Usually, there are between 40 and 80 students on a trip.
At the next and rea…