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Charlotta's diary #4

Happy Easter- And a Lot of Surprises
It's holiday time!! On the weekend before Easter, I realized there are only three months left. It makes me really sad that I have to leave this unbelievable adventure pretty soon. Of course I am excited to see my family and friends but I know I will live my "boring" life again (compared to this year in America). I'll have to go to school two more years which will be more difficult than the school here. I also realized that I am gonna miss so many things. Like stopping with friends at a Starbucks or Dutch Bros Coffee before a game, getting lost in those huge stores (target is my fav), not knowing what's gonna happen tomorrow, experiencing everyday something new and of course missing friends and my amazing host family. I never believed that somebody can love their own family as much as their host family but now I know that's possible. My heart is split in half: German in one and the other in American. I'll always miss a p…